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Our Programs 

At Wee Clubhouse, Wee Acorn and Wee Childcare, we actively have an ongoing "whole centre approach" to celebrating environmental sustainability. We place a high value and importance on giving children rich, diverse and warm experiences that promote environmental sustainability. Our efforts are made to ensure that children become aware and responsible for the future of our world.



Math is measuring, sorting, building, spotting patterns, making comparisons, as well as, counting and knowing the names of shapes. We incorporate math learning into everyday moments. 


Soccer Shots 


We encourage children to develop social skills through physical activities such as soccer. Our aim is ​for children to feel confident to build positive social relationships with others through collaborative physical activities.​



Taekwondo means "way of the feet and hands through the mind". The aim of Taekwondo is through training, to enable the practitioner to acquire a strong and healthy body and mind, respect, discipline and humility.



Our programs offer an amazing, easy, and fun method in the process of learning the letters of the alphabet, sound and writing. This fascinating phonetic curriculum is based on the daily experience of the child, using different themes.



Storytelling and books are a part of a child's life. Therefore, we use these moments to stimulate reading through books, visual images, felt board, puppetry, and imagination.


Creative Art 

Our program aims to develop children's creative capacity through music, painting, sculpture, and other elements that promote creativity. Additionally, we use different artistic forms as a way of teaching children to express themselves in a fun and imaginative way.



Science explorations allow children to explore our amazing world from our indoor and outdoor spaces. Using different technologies we carry out science experiments to explore and learn about our world.​​


Mandarin and French Language Lessons

Our programs include Mandarin and French classes. “Research has shown learning a second language boosts problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask. Children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility.”



Kindergarten Readiness 

Our Kindergarten readiness program has been developed to service a foundation in preparation for the children's first year of school. By using innovative and inspiring approaches to early childhood education. 

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Drama Bugs

Drama classes are beneficial for young children as they foster creativity and self-expression. Through role-playing and storytelling, children develop their imagination and improve their verbal and non-verbal communication skills. These classes also enhance social skills by encouraging teamwork and empathy, as children learn to understand and portray different perspectives. Additionally, drama boosts self-confidence and helps children manage anxiety by providing a safe space to explore emotions and public speaking. Overall, drama classes contribute to holistic development, combining cognitive, emotional, and social growth.


Outside Play 


South Delta Wee Clubhouse 

Playing outdoors allows children to develop self-confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Outside play allows our children to explore wildlife and nature while using their imagination and sensory skills. 


South Delta Wee Childcare 

Being outdoors also promotes understanding boundaries, limits, and challenges children in their play. When children are used to playing outdoors, they are more likely to explore new activities. 

Our Classrooms 


South Delta Wee Clubhouse 

Welcome to the Mountain Room (Multi-age program) and our 3-5 Group Room. 


South Delta Wee Childcare

Welcome to the Treehouse Room, the Discovery Room (3-5 Group Rooms) and our Infant and Toddler Room!


South Delta Wee Acorn Academy

Welcome to our Group Room and our Multi-age Room!

Our Annual Critter Day!

Our Annual Pumpkin Patch!


South Delta Wee Childcare:

South Delta Wee Clubhouse

South Delta Wee Acorn

*Please do not email regarding registration for a spot, please fill out our waitlist form.* 

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